Some intended parents (IPs) and surrogates choose to manage their own surrogacy arrangement. Why should you work with an agency instead of handling your own surrogacy? Surrogacies don’t always go as smoothly as planned, so skilled help is key. Here are four reasons why I would advise working with an agency:



Agencies provide specialty. Experts run most surrogacy agencies and have been through the entire process many times. Western Surrogacy is owned and managed by former surrogates. We all have first-hand knowledge of the process, from start to finish, so we make it simple for you. Every surrogacy is unique, so if you experience anything unexpected along the way, the experts are here to help. We have worked with every doctor, lawyer and therapist in our network, and they are all specialists in the field of surrogacy.


Agencies provide screening. Surrogacy matches often bring together complete strangers for a journey, and therefore require a great amount of trust and openness. Agencies assist with screening IPs and surrogates. Since journeys can last at least a year or more, making sure each person meets the conditions required is crucial. Medical, psychological, and criminal background screenings arranged by Western Surrogacy help to ensure that whoever you work with is a good fit before you commit.


Agencies provide security. Surrogacy is a major financial commitment for IPs and requires great attention to detail. One misstep can incur added costs and/or legal issues. For your protection, Western Surrogacy partners with reputable trust companies to secure all funds used for surrogacy. Our trust account holders document every payment, and you will have an accounting of every dollar you spend. As a result, third-party accounting provides security that gives IPs, surrogates, and your agency peace of mind.


Agencies provide support. A successful surrogacy arrangement involves consistent communication. Some topics may feel uncomfortable for IPs and surrogates to discuss. Your agency can serve as your go-between to help ease the awkwardness of forming a new relationship. Western Surrogacy assists with making sure all agreements, such as appointments, payments, and contract deadlines are honored. Additionally, we pair all IPs and surrogates with a case manager for one-on-one support throughout the entire journey.


In other words, agencies take the guesswork out of the process and provide an extra layer of reassurance for all parties. The chances of you having a positive experience increase by having professionals on your side. Most importantly, working with Western Surrogacy allows you to focus on what really matters – bringing your new little one safely into the world.