Western Surrogacy has an extensive list of services all for one price. We ask our Intended Parents to sign our retainer agreement and pay our fees in two installments. We ask our potential Gestational Surrogates to complete their paper work and other documentation such as OB records, provide copies of their health insurance policy, and commit to working with our agency exclusively throughout the entire surrogacy program. Once we have received all of our IP’s and Surrogate forms and documentation we can start the matching process. Please call our offices at 714-982-7460 for full details.

  • Surrogate search using Internet classified ads, professional contacts or other forms of advertising
  • Interviewing and educating prospective Surrogates – Personal interviews and Phone conferences
  • Interviewing and educating Intended Parent(s) -Personal interviews and Phone conferences
  • Matching Surrogates with Intended Parent(s) (this service is an extensive process which includes all parties filling out relationship planners, conference calls, face to face meetings and educational materials on our surrogacy program)
  • Arranging background checks for all parties
  • Assistance arranging Psychological screenings for all parties
  • Assistance arranging for a Life Insurance Policy and Disability Coverage for the Surrogate
  • Assistance arranging for Legal Representation for all parties
  • Assistance with Contract information for all parties
  • Assistance in locating a fertility specialist or fertility clinic for the surrogacy process
  • Assistance in locating an obstetrician, if requested by one or both parties
  • Assistance arranging mediation and counseling assistance, if required or requested by one or both parties
  • Case Management: hot line, guarantee of returning calls and e-mails within 24 hours or next business day, online guidance and support, expert advice and personal meetings
  • Attending transfers and births, if requested by one or both parties